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Letters: Student of the Month needs improvements

I am calling for improvements to the procedures used for the selection of student of the month. I do not mean this to be any reflection on anyone who was student of the month. I know a number of them and they are a great group.

I have been told that the process is fair, but because there are not standards, written procedures, guidelines, rules, definitions, or information gathering processes involved with the choice of student of the month, it would be very difficult to ensure a nondiscriminatory process based on accomplishments is used. I also feel it is quite a conflict of interest when the ones administering the program are the ones deciding how the programs works, is implemented, and who is selected. I was quite surprised to find these things out.

Calling it Student of the Month implies that it is based on academics, just like Student Athlete, but we have students who have put in the work, time, and effort, to achieve straight A's, some of who are active in sports, school activities, leadership activities, and in and out of school citizenship/volunteer activities, who are not being chosen.

I have voiced my concern to the administration and school board members and have been told there will be no changes, because they feel it is a good system, but they seem to have missed any public discussion or input in making this decision.

I would think the Rotary Club as sponsor of this award, would like to see a quality system based on achievements in place. Number two, on their four-way test, under guiding principles off the Rotary Web site; Is it fair to all concerned?

I know this award is not that important, but if we are going to have this program, let's do it well. The current process used could easily be much better. I hope enough community members that think school programs should have nondiscriminatory guidelines and procedures in place will voice their opinion. I wonder if this same reform should also apply to the student athletic scholarships.

Pat McBrady, Park Rapids