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Letters: Stolen flowers from grave not surprising

I would like to comment on the letter written by the daughter of a woman whose flowers had been stolen from the grave site.

I was surprised but yet not surprised at such an action. One would think that this type of behavior is saved for those that live in larger cities. But not so, we find these types of heartless people throughout our communities. They feel like everyone owes them something.

The difficult thing with writing a letter to the editor and hoping to hit a chord with the thief is that this person probably cannot read, or does not choose to. To steal from those of us that are able to defend ourselves is bad; to steal from the dead is down right pathetic.

I want the daughter to know that her mother is looking down on these thieves and feeling sorry for them and their pathetic way of life. For those of us that respect our neighbors, go to work every day and pay our taxes it is hard to understand the "bottom feeders" of our society.

Julie Shema, Faribault