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Letters: Spike the deer is still alive and well

Spike, the friendly deer, is still around and looks beautiful. I enjoy the interaction and I am awed by his behavior. I was raised in a hunting family and I myself hunt. I do understand and agree that his behavior is odd for a wild animal. He is changing and growing. I believe his instincts are kicking in. He is a little more cautious now but realizes that our yard is a safe haven. He will lie quietly and doze some mornings. Hopefully, those instincts will keep him safe to grow and mature as nature intended.

These past few weeks with him have been an experience that I will cherish always.

I am dismayed the DNR did not take the initiative to educate people a few weeks ago for the original article on Spike. There are at least two areas that should have been addressed.

First, when population grows and we move into more wilderness areas, wildlife areas shrink considerably. We need to learn to co-exist. We should expect to see wildlife and be prepared. That is one of the pros or cons (depending on your point of view) of living in rural areas. We are taking away their home. We are the intruders, not the other way around.

This was an opportunity for the DNR to expound on the reasons why it's not a good idea to feed wildlife, especially when they are very young. This particular deer was fed at a very young age. The mother must have been killed because she would not have let her fawn that close to humans. Since he was fed by people, he learned to interact and trust them. Still, he is a wild animal and people should be cautious because you never know exactly what the animal's intention is.

I am torn regarding this situation. I love having him around but I am also annoyed with whoever did this to him. As for us, we will enjoy this time with Spike for as long as it lasts and hope that he can stay alive this hunting season.

Darlene Rush, Park Rapids