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Letters: Spending is not the answer

I do not understand how Mr. Schissel a former teacher who claims to be a student of history has never seen the New Deal being called a Raw Deal; I would suggest that Mr. Schissel Google "New Deal or Raw Deal" and read Burton Fulsom's book New Deal or Raw Deal.

Mr. Schissel pointed out during the great depression the government workers were happy to have the jobs. Of course the WPA workers were happy to get the temporary government jobs as private enterprises did not have the funds to provide permanent jobs. As unemployment continued to climb during the 1930s, the government continued to raise taxes. The question is do we want socialism or free enterprise. Corporations, private business or entrepreneurs cannot start or build business when taxes consume their profits. An educator should understand that loans for capital improvements or business expansion could only be paid back with after tax profits. If there is no after tax profit, there will be no business expansion or jobs.

Mr. Schissel, I am the first to agree that President Bush was not a fiscal conservative, I do not recall that he vetoed more than one or two spending bills. Republicans were not acting like Republicans; President Bush should have been cutting domestic spending and the size of government. Congress has also spent trillions on defense and fighting terrorism since Sept 11.

You must admit that President Bush inherited an economy in trouble from President Clinton; and Bush's across the board tax cuts brought us out of the economic stalemate.

Through the 1990s, we enjoyed the economic boom started during President Reagan's term; and the tax increases put into place by President Clinton put an end to the longest period of economic growth in our history. Remember, the Democrats only had control of the House and Senate two of President Clinton's eight years in office so government spending was better controlled during that period.

Now Obama and the liberals in Washington have approved a $787 billion spending bill that our senators and representatives have not even been able to read. The interest for just the first year of this foolishness is more than the total cost of World War II. This is almost $10,500 for every family of four. Is this what we expect from Washington?

Richard L. Bogaard, Park Rapids