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Letters: Special thanks to our volunteer firefighters

I was privileged to be invited and to attend the 2009 annual Firemen's Banquet. Our community is blessed to have such a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to the volunteer Fire Department. This brotherhood of community-minded men work and train together and have a clear rapport and respect for each other and the dangerous task of putting out fires. There was a special appreciation and recognition for the three retiring firemen: Kevin Lempola, Chuck Rongstad and Keith Gulbranson with 21 years, 24 years and 45 years of experience, respectively. They also welcomed 3 rookies to the department this year: Patrick Focken, Bob Meier, and Kyle Little, a 3rd generation firefighter, who joins his brother, Travis, and father, Tim.

These (26) men work in various parts of our community. Their 'day jobs' include such positions as city and county public works, mechanics, cooks, maintenance, business owners, DNR, construction and heavy equipment. Please join me in thanking them for their commitment and dedication to the Park Rapids Fire Department.

Sue Tomte, Park Rapids