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Letters: The scenic route isn't so bad

To borrow a phrase from Ken Davis (the Christian comedian, not the barbecue sauce guy), "Lighten up and live." As a home health aide for seven and a half years, I've seen many crazy things while "on the road" and it's not the scenery that worries me. Sometimes the "scenic route" is much more rewarding than we think if we just allow for the time.

One day on my way to see a client I took another way to get to my same destination and to my delight a wild turkey trotted on the dirt road in front of me for almost a quarter mile. He did not once even attempt to fly up and away. He moved to the side of the road at that point but still stayed as I moved slowly by. What a treat to be given that moment in time to remember. One I would have missed had I gone the "usual" way. Another time a beautiful, healthy timberwolf crossed the road in front of me and stood in the morning sunlight as I stopped to gaze at the beauty of one of God's creations. He was not in a rush to leave as he turned and walked over the hill. Just one of many times I wished I had my camera.

Yes, we all have destinations to reach, some arrivals are time specific. What we need to do is be sure, as best we can, to allow for a little more time and enjoy life's special detours.

Sadly, this year we have already seen too many unnecessary accidents in our county. Some in a rush to get to their destinations, which have changed the lives of loved ones.

Yes, we are in a detour zone, but what will God have out there for us to see if we had not taken the scenic route. When all is done we'll have a better highway as the result.

Rose Loeffler, Home Health Aide, St. Joseph's Area Health Services, Park Rapids