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Letters: SAFE Parks program needs funding help

Our SAFE Parks program is in trouble. Donations are down and we are $4500 shy from fully funding the summer. What does this mean?

This means that Dana will be out of work. Dana's teenage daughter is fighting cancer. Medical bills. House payments. Food. This job is very important to Dana and her family.

Andrea's hours will be cut in half. Andrea has been away from her teaching job since January due to a surgery. She, too, has medical bills to cover on top of the usual household bills. She and her family need every penny.

Not to mention the children. With the SAFE Parks program operating at only half time, where will the children go? What will the latchkey kids do this summer while their parents are working?

SAFE Parks has been running each summer for 10 years. We provide a safe, fun environment for children in the park at Park Rapids and Akeley. We play games and do crafts. We staff the program with teachers that have years of experience in child development. We're so close to our goal, yet so far. Surely someone out there can help. Is it you?

I am more than happy to pick up your check, or you can mail it to: Headwaters Intervention Center, SAFE Parks, PO Box 564, Park Rapids, MN 56470. Thank you for thinking of us!

Susan Bowland, Executive Director, Headwaters Intervention Center