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Letters: Recognize surveyors during this week

National Surveyor's Week is March 15-21. The honorable and historic profession of surveying has been in existence since the very dawn of civilization. From the "rope stretchers" of ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire and into modern society, the surveyor has been an essential part of man's development.

During the Colonial Era and the early days of the United States of America many of the leaders of this country served not only their fellow citizens, but were actively engaged as land surveyors at some point in their career. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln set the standard for diligence, service and ethics, which still guides the efforts of the modern surveyor.

The licensed professional land surveyor is uniquely qualified to research the documents, maps and other information necessary to establish the location of land boundaries. This ensures that the landowner's property lines will be properly and correctly marked on the ground. The modern professional surveyor is often involved in providing other services such as photogrammetry, GIS and hydrography. The professional surveyor is able to accurately measure the land and develop maps, plats and reports for many useful purposes.

In recognition of the groundwork laid by our forefathers and the ongoing dedication of present day surveyors I am pleased to issue this proclamation designating March 15-21, 2009 as National Surveyor's Week. Surveyors and their respective professional societies are encouraged to publicize this proclamation and to promote a better understanding of the profession among all Americans.

Patrick J. Beehler, PLS, President, National Society of Professional Surveyors