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Letters: Raising electric 'basic charge' punishes poor

Last month I sent Itasca-Mantrap Electric Cooperative a $28 check and never used one kilowatt of energy.

From 1939, when the Itasca-Mantrap coop was formed, until 2005, the "basic charge" gradually increased to $14. Since 2005, when Mike Monsrud took over the cooperative, until now - a mere four years - the "basic charge" has almost doubled.

Raising the "basic charge" punishes the poor and coop families at the expense of big business and the energy glutton. If management demands more revenue, a small increase in the kilowatt hour rate can be overcome by families who conserve. Then, the big user and energy glutton who leaves the lights on all night will pay the biggest portion of that increase. It's the American way!

Ron Lindahl, Nevis