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Letters: Racing pigs banned from using drugs

Performance enhancing drugs are impacting sports everywhere. The rumors we hear further south in Hubbard County is that Benedict Ben has for years been taking steroids in the form of BGH (bovine growth hormones) - and that this accounts for his reputation as "very fast" as Mr. Robinson says in his letter published in the Park Rapids Enterprise on June 3, 2009.

We in Nevis as well as the owners of the Leader Racing Pigs have banned any piglet that uses these drugs to try to get an unfair advantage. All of the participants must submit to random drug testing in the week leading up to the race and we would expect no less of Ben. Rather than using these tactics to get attention for your town, the mayor respectfully suggests that Supervisor Robinson join the ranks of Supervisor Doc Carlson, Sheriff Frank Homer and the mayor himself and sponsor a pig so that this petty rivalry can be resolved once and for all.

Dave McCurnin, Nevis