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Letters" Properly maintain our existing trails

Why is Trails and Water Ways even thinking about a new trail to Detroit Lakes along Highway 34, when they tell us they don't have money to maintain our Heartland or the Paul Bunyan Trails properly? If they have all this money why don't they pave the trail from Leach Lake to Bemidji? They promised this to us about 10 years ago. I was hoping to ride this trail before I get so old I can't ride a bike anymore.

How about putting in toilets along the trail in Akeley and Walker and in your wonderful parking area off Highway 34 for the Chippewa Hills Trail? There are sections of this trail that need to be continually cleared of rocks and sand from the adjacent dirt road making the trail a hazard for bikers to keep from falling.

Now there are two trestles on the Heartland that need repairs so they are safe for heavier travel and an alternate route for bikers or are you going to wait for another bridge disaster to happen?

We also need garbage cans at the rest areas and trail parking areas and a table put back in the shelter next to the parking area in Nevis close to the fire station. It's an embarrassment to have guests from out of town and have to walk through knee high grass to a gray painted table with pealing paint in Walker surrounded by poison ivy and no toilet.

Don't ask us to swallow the "no money for trail maintenance of our existing trails" when you can spend four times the cost on a trail to DL that nobody wants.

How do rollerblade people go over the twigs, pinecones and pine needles covering the trail that we bikers go over?

At the time of the Golden Spike Ceremony - which by the way was very impressive - you asked me which I would rather have: a well maintained trail or toilets and I said trail maintenance. I figured I could go in the bushes, which is an embarrassment to have to do. Now I don't have either one, but you have money for a costly trail to DL.

Helen E. Marsh