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Letters: Promising rhetoric vs. different reality

Almost everyone remembers the promising rhetoric that "rained down" on America during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Americans were promised transparency, accountability, responsibility, integrity and an end to wasteful government "earmark" spending. It is time to examine reality vs. campaign rhetoric. A reality check reveals that congress has passed a massive nearly $800 billion stimulus bill loaded with billions of dollars of "earmark pork barrel" projects.

Despite this "spending spree," millions of private sector job losses have resulted in an unemployment rate of 10 percent. Concurrently, the national debt has exploded to a record setting $12.3 trillion or about $40,000 for every man, woman and child in America. The debt, under the current administration, now exceeds the combined debt of all previous administrations beginning with George Washington. This debt burden will ultimately be passed on to our children, grandchildren and beyond.

A hard look at the current health care debate reveals a "closed door" process without the benefit of bipartisan input or support. As a result, a "reform" package is being proposed which lacks broad-based public support and which does little or nothing to reduce or control "runaway" health care costs. Again, massive increases in governmental spending will be passed on to future generations.

Finally, thanks to investigative reporting on CBS news, we see another example of irresponsible, wasteful spending by our elected officials. Recently, over 100 congressional related attendees participated in a tax payer funded "junket" to the global climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Three military jets were used to transport attendees at an estimated cost of $168,351. Additionally, 321 hotel nights were booked at Copenhagen's five star Marriott and there were tax payer funded meals.

The central question is, "Do any of the above actions reflect the promises made in campaign rhetoric?" Where is transparency, accountability and responsibility? Where is elimination of wasteful governmental spending? And, importantly, where is common sense integrity? You be the judge. Do these people deserve to be sent back to Washington, D.C. as our elected leaders in 2010?

Al Kleinke, Nevis