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Letters: Prom decorating on a budget

To the students graduating, the parents and the faculty at Park Rapids Area High School, I am a 92-year-old senior citizen and I just have to share my story about prom from 1934 in Princeton.

Times were very bad financially in those years. We did not have any help with the prom that year or ever. I don't recall that any of us had new clothes for the event. Not one of us.

Many folks invited us to pick lilacs and other flowers they grew for decoration. I recall collecting the flowers and helping to decorate the gym.

Why not use someone's expertise in decorating your prom with artwork of some sort? Or beautiful flowers can be made by even junior high kids.

Try to do with what you have - you will be surprised to know how great and satisfying it can be.

God bless your efforts.

Marjorie Snow, Park Rapids