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Letters: Online comments were appalling

A front page article appeared in the May 30 edition of the Enterprise detailing how high nitrates resulted in a closed city well. The web version of this article was open to allow readers to submit comments online. R.D. Offutt Company was mentioned by name in the article. I was appalled to read the online diatribes directed at R.D. Offutt. One lady from Nevis went so far toward libel and slander to call him and I quote, "the typical American tycoon pig." In good conscience, I can't write the rest of her sentence. In what community should this even be acceptable? Regardless of what side of the issue you're on, keep your points to that issue. R.D. Offutt is one of the largest employers around, helping families keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, producing a vital staple used by area restaurants and communities, not to mention how much of its product it donates to area sports' teams for their fundraisers. I guess these readers weren't able to turn the page to page two to FINISH the article where it discusses, at length, R.D. Offutt's responsible efforts to use more environmentally conscious fertilizers. The upper Midwest is rumored to be "backwoods" and ignorant. When you read comments like the ones posted this past week, is there any mystery why?

Elaine Sycks, Park Rapids