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Letters: Obama will tell public it's not a tax

The Waxman-Markey bill is a piece of cruel, legislative genius. It will generate between $500 billion to $1 trillion per year in new revenue for the Statists in the White House - an amount roughly equal to all of the income taxes collected each year. But it's not a direct tax. It generates revenue by requiring power companies and other large emitters of carbon dioxide to bid for "credits" that will allow them to produce carbon emissions.

Otama will tell the public it's not a tax - it's just new regulation. Or he'll say it's a new market for carbon credits. It will not violate Obama's pledge not to raise taxes on 95 percent of Americans - as if those power companies won't simply pass along the new expense to their customers. All of the poor fools cheering Obama believe they can continue to get something for nothing through him. Well, they're going to get what they deserve. Let's see how much they like their electricity bills going up an additional 50 percent overnight. Do we have another liar in the White House? Is our President a liar? According to my dictionary "a person who makes a false statement with intent to deceive," is a liar.

Richard Bogaard, Park Rapids