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Letters: Mother's grave flowers were stolen

My Mother always told me that if someone steals something from you, chances are that person needed it worse than you. Growing up, that philosophy always made sense to me; not too mention that it helped in taking the sting out of losing something of yours to a thief ... until that thief stole the potted flowers from my mother's grave from the Nevis Cemetery. Even my mother would agree, that just doesn't make sense!

Can someone tell me what kind of person needs potted flowers so badly that they would stoop so low as to take them from a grave? I'd ask my mother, but I can't. I would welcome a response from the thief on the philosophy his or her mother might have taught them on taking things that don't belong to them. Maybe he or she could make me understand the "need."

I imagine that those flowers are just as beautiful on your porch or on your door step as they were on my mother's grave. However, I can't imagine that you could get as much gratification in caring for them as much as my father found comfort in caring for them. I wonder if the silk flowers that are now on her grave are just as appealing to you.

As you care for your new stolen flowers, could you at least think of my mother who they were intended for? I know you would have no way of knowing who she was since her headstone had not arrived yet before you helped yourself to her flowers, but her name was Bette. She was a wonderful woman. In life, she loved her flowers. So much so, that my father selected a headstone that would accommodate the potted flowers that now graces your home. You see my father, Norman, not only cared for my mother in life but found peace in caring for her in death through those potted flowers.

It is my hope that maybe after reading this you might have a change of heart and would put them back. If so, on behalf of my father and our family, we thank you in advance! If not, I can only hope that it could possibly make you think before doing it again, because you see, my mother was a wise woman! She also taught me, what goes around, comes around.

Dawn M. Anderson, Chetek, Wis.