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Letters: Minnesota needs property tax reform

The Minnesota Legislative session ended May 18 without property tax reform. Unfortunately, Sen. Skoe and Rep. Marquart refuse to accept responsibility for an obsolete assessment system that allows unscrupulous assessors to perpetuate favoritism to relatives and friends with ridiculous tax breaks that people with fixed and limited incomes end up paying.

An example of this corruption is Becker County parcel no. R 31-0070.001. The township assessor has not been allowed to appraise this property but the valuations on this property vary from year to year. In 2002 it had four baths, 12 rooms, seven bedrooms and 2.5 story, finished basement, valued at $113,800. In 2004 this same house dropped to six rooms, three bedrooms, 1.5 story and valued at $90,512. In 2003 it is shown at six rooms, six bedrooms, 3.25 baths, two story, 1987 remodeled, value $133,306. This is a high quality house built in 1997. Check the field cards for 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007, values and features.

Minnesota truly needs property tax reform.

Les Ristinen, Frazee