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Letters: A 'math problem,' not 'emotional problem'

I feel compelled to respond to Ms. Sycks comments about "backwoods and ignorant" Midwestern people and their responses to the closing of Park Rapids city well no. 4 due to nitrate contamination. In her letter in the June 3 Enterprise she goes on and on about the great contributions made to this community by RDO over the years and their contribution to the people and restaurants by giving us French fries, "a vital staple."

While singing the praises of RDO to this community, she seems to have utterly missed the point of the article and all of those "diatribes against RDO." She also went on to imply that readers couldn't "turn the page to page two to finish the article" where it's explained that they're switching over to time-release fertilizers to mitigate the situation... (So there is a situation). Those time-release fertilizers are kind of the same nitrogen/nitrates but in slow motion on shallow sands like PR. (Probably with the same aquifer end result but on a longer time-line).

The fact is, it doesn't matter how many people are employed and keeping a roof over their heads by working for RDO if the price to be paid is that all of Hubbard County and the surrounding counties lose all of their drinking water due to systematic poisoning by fertilizer contamination of our aquifer through the overlying prairie sands...

Think about this, they only flag the well when the number gets to "10 ppm." If they told you that wells 1, 2 and 3 had a number of 8 or 9 ppm, and didn't need to be shut down yet, would that make you feel like we were pretty much OK?

This problem can only get worse, not better. It's a math problem, not an emotional problem.

I'm not a farmer and I'm not a soils engineer but something seems really problematic here and it's our place to take care of "our" local disaster...

At least, let's get the facts and opinions from sources other than RDO. (ie. The fox is looking after the henhouse).

Brian Johnson, Mound