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Letters: Kovach's election claim was off base

What a joke. For Tom R. Kovach to say the election between Coleman and Franken was fixed is so far off base. For this to happen our complete electoral system of Minnesota and our complete court system has to be crooked and broken. It is a sad day when Republicans like Tom Kovach only see one side.

The truth is that Minnesota voters are fed up with hateful and mean spirited Republicans that are blind to the truth. Minnesota deserves better than a senator that has been on the Bush side while he watched our jobs go away and helped the rich become richer and watched the middle class evaporate under Coleman's watch. This election like all elections around the country is about change and hopefully change that will bring back prosperity to Minnesota.

Tom, it is about time you realize your angry rants will not work anymore. The great people of Minnesota that voted for Franken knew exactly what they were getting and will hold him responsible for his actions as a Minnesota senator, unlike you and the Republicans did with Coleman.

Lyle Slawson, Park Rapids