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Letters: Issue with uncounted absentee votes

The real issue in the Minnesota Senate Recount process is 12,000 absentee votes that have not been counted.

For the recount system, including the lawyers, the courts and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie have failed the citizens of Minnesota and our right of democracy. For in reality, Ritchie directed the recount process to follow the standards of the U.S. Postal Service with one very important exception. For the Postal Service believes the envelope is more important than its content. Yet even they will still return the envelope to the sender if the sender really wants the message delivered, by simply correcting the envelope. But in Minnesota, 12,000 absentee voters have been denied that right by the process and powers involved!

For to date the system has not followed the intent of state law by directing the system to follow its directive, which clearly says, "what was the intent of the voter" as the "only focus" of the recount process and not how they filled out the envelope in the absentee process or its forms.

For to date, 12,000 votes have not been counted because they did not fill out the absentee envelope correctly or the same as others, Democrat or Republican. And now have zero input to see their vote is counted. Which should be an outrage to all Minnesota citizens if they were really informed on the issue of recounts and democracy in Minnesota.

For those 12,000 voters have the right to step forward and say their vote should be counted and asked to see their envelope. So I ask, where are groups like the League of Women Voters, etc., on this issue to protect the rights of voters to have their ballot counted. And yes it should move to the Supreme Court of America to deliver that right no matter who wins in the Minnesota Court!

Alan Roebke, Alexandria