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Letters: Iraq war continues under Obama

Our Minnesota Red Bull division has deployed for another mission in Iraq. Once again America's finest men and women have volunteered to support others in rebuilding their lives and nation. A historic tradition.

But wait. Where were the howling anti-war demonstrators marching in St. Paul? Or the endless anti-war political cartoons in newspapers? What about the unbearable cost? Congress "tried" to stop funding the Iraq "fiasco" under Bush, now they have the votes to do just that. What are they waiting for?

Mr. Obama told us Iraq was the wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. He said the troops needed to be brought home now. So why doesn't he stop the deployment?

Sen. Harry Reid told us the war was lost, the generals incompetent.

Last week four U.S. soldiers were killed in action in Iraq. Hardly noticed in the news, we weren't even given the usual body count from the war's beginning. No flag-draped casket photos, no interviews with grieving loved ones, no pictures of burning U.S. vehicles.

That is certainly change.

Kent Nelson, Akeley