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Letters: I will vote yes on Menahga bond

On November 3rd I will vote "YES" on the Menahga Public School building bond election. Why? Because I see the needs every day that I am in the school.

The staff have been very creative in finding ways to "get by" until we can solve our space issues. We are now using closets, storage rooms, and conference rooms as classrooms. I believe that we should use all space wisely. However, we are out of closets and enrollment is still increasing.

I would also like to remind people that a gymnasium is a classropm Physical education is required and mandated. We have less gym space now than we had in 1970. The need for phys ed space has been talked about since 1990 yet nothing has been accomplished. We can no longer "get by" with the space we have.

People don't want their taxes to go up. I understand that. This project will raise your property taxes. Yes, I said it. At least our tax dollars will be spent in our community for our kids and grandkids.

Some think this is a bad time to build because of the poor economy. We will never have a better opportunity to get the most for our tax dollars! The market is extremely competitive and material costs are low. Similar square footage in 2000 was estimated at $6.7 million. Now we are looking at $8.5 million.

We also have an opportunity for a zero interest bond that will save about $9 million in interest and save ten years of tax burden. This opportunity is available now. It may not be here next year.

Please vote yes for our kids and grandkids.

Jody Bjornson, Menahga School Board