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Letters: Fair Board's renting should be allowed

Do you believe that the Hubbard County Fair is important to our community or not? If you do, then do you think it is right for the city, county or state to put a tax on the Fair Board's renters? The Fair Board rents out these spaces so they can finance the coming year's fair. What if the Fair Board lost its renters due to this ridiculous tax? Would they have to bring back a gate fee? If so, this would not help the community's pocket books. A gate fee would entail a service charge for entering the Fair Board property. Once inside you would still have to pay for carnival rides, food and grandstand shows. I think the fair brings a lot to our community. The fair allows 4-Hers to show all their hard work throughout the year and it allows a reprieve from the everyday hubbub. I think the fair's renting should be okay even if the guy across the street doesn't think the Fair Board should be renting for boat storage.

Other non-profit organizations rent out their facilities to help cover costs as well. Why is the fair board the only one getting hit with this tax? If this tax is legal and has been on the books then every other non-profit organization should watch out because who knows when you could be assessed.

Katelyn Larson, Park Rapids