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Letters: Enterprise unfair to Menahga

I read your article regarding Menahga city business.

I do not understand your concern for another city's issues. I think you should hear both sides of something before you write. Your reporter is not very accurate. Why would an editor of another town take such an interest in this. If you think this will sell papers you have hurt enough people to think again.

If I was on the nursing committee I would really consider a lawsuit for slander. To put so many things that are not true is really a disservice to Menahga and people who serve. Did you visit with anyone from the nursing board? Do you know that two city council members are on the nursing board?

It is important to know your source of information. I do and I am concerned.

Previously I have considered your paper most fair. Change is in the making. I am so sorry.

Dale Petterson, Menahga