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Letters: Diners welcome at Nevis Center

Dear seniors of Nevis and surrounding area, I'm writing you mostly because I'd like to invite you to a great place to have lunch (you'll eat enough so you can have just a sandwich for supper) at the Nevis Senior Center on Village Road, near the new skating rink.

Look for the big flag in Nevis (make you think of Perkins?) and that is the Senior Center. It's a place where cooking (we have our own chef) is just like home and you can take a rest from your years of cooking.

You can't beat the price for the food and fellowship. The center has activities two to three times a month - sometimes learning classes, sometimes cards, sometimes music and dancing.

We would like to hear new ideas to keep us having fun; join us. You are invited to activities when the building is open, which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe you want to play morning cards. The Senior Club, with a $10 yearly membership, serves a pancake breakfast the third Saturday morning each month to earn money to maintain our building. The public is welcome.

We prepare meals and deliver, via volunteers, Meals on Wheels to anyone unable to come and eat with us. Call Living at Home if you are in need. Lutheran Social Service is our provider, hires our chef and manager, administers and pays for food.

All of us at the Senior Center want to keep this Nevis asset. It's as simple as keeping our attendance growing.

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the noon meal. Call a day ahead. Sometimes we have extra and can fit you in at the last minute.

I'd also like to thank folks who've left extra produce from gardens. It keeps costs down.

Volunteers are always needed. The building is available for rent for clubs, family reunions, etc.

Thanks again.

Joyce Alto, Nevis