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Letters: Cub Hibernation all-nighter successful

I would like to thank District 309 for allowing the Cub Scouts to have the Cub Hibernation (an all-nighter) at the school. I would also like to thank the janitors Steve, Dave and Ed; the two lifeguards, Devin and Bryce, for coming in for the late night swim and teaching the boys the techniques to earn their belt loops and pins; Pizza Hut, for the late night snack; the parents, who volunteered to help out all night; and the split shifters, who also helped; to Marty Richards and Paul Ravensberg, from the BSA, for all they do for the boys; and to the two boys from Nevis, six boys from Menahga and 17 boys from Park Rapids who attended the event.

The boys had fun trying to stay up all night. (Some actually made it!) They got a chance to build a bird feeder, have pizza, swim, see a movie or two, and play games that might have helped them get a belt loop and pin.

Carol Stachowski, Park Rapids Cub Hibernation Chair