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Letters: Continue vacationing at local resorts

In a recent letter, Bill and Carol Webb lamented the passing of Sunset Lodge and stated that their family "will surely miss our July vacations in the Park Rapids area."

They also commented that they admire the family resort owners who are still operating in the face of financial adversity and sympathize with local businesses who will suffer economic loss if everyone who vacationed at Sunset Lodge stops vacationing in the area.

I certainly hope that the Webb family, and others affected by this transition, will reconsider their decision to no longer vacation at a Park Rapids area resort. There are many fine family owned resorts in the area where the Webb family could establish a new tradition of summertime vacation enjoyment.

As the Webbs pointed out, family resorts are a dying breed and local businesses are hurting. If people continue to take their business elsewhere when their favorite local spot is no longer available, these unfortunate situations will only get worse.

The best thank you the Webbs could offer for their 42 years of summertime enjoyment would be to continue their financial support of the Park Rapids area by continuing to enjoy summer vacations at another local family owned resort.

Dennis Schafer, Nevis