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Letters: Come to Nevis, support a pig

In a recent Park Rapids City Council campaign, the statement was made that Park Rapids was the most important city in the county. We in Nevis disputed that then, we dispute that now and we will continue to take that stance in the future.

Our position as number one in Hubbard County refers not only to Park Rapids, but to all of the other cities in Hubbard County including the hooligans from Fort Benedict (if confused, see the Enterprise of April 25, 2009).

Therefore, we in the City of Nevis, throw down the pigskin gauntlet and challenge all citizens and non-incarcerated politicians who disagree with that fact to meet in Nevis on the 5th of July as part of the celebration of the 4th weekend, sponsor a pig and let the truth be known.

Not to make excuses, but I must let it be known that my pig is not in his best running shape right now as we had to eat the left hind quarter last weekend when my children showed up unexpectedly for a family celebration. Still, I think he'll do quite well as he's recovering quite rapidly.

Call Mayor Dave McCurrin 652-3362 to sponsor a pig and have some fun at the 1st ever Annual Nevis Pig Race. See you there.

Doc Carlson, District 1 Hubbard County Commissioner, Nevis