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Letters: Coleman didn't stand a chance

Did anyone really think that Norm Coleman would get a fair shake from Minnesota's far left Supreme Court? No way. Americans protest about unfair elections in Iran...I feel the same way about this senate race. Coleman won after the election. Then there was a recount where some districts had more votes for Franken than the actual amount of votes cast. Then a bunch of absentee ballots, which might have favored Coleman weren't counted. You call that fair?

Franken is a fool. A buffoon. He probably will be thrown out of office before his six years are up on some insantity charge. But the people who voted for this dirtly little man are the ones who mystify me and disappoint me. How could any decent person vote for a failed comedian who was so desperate for material that he used rape as part of his joke routine. Do you people who voted for Franken think that rape is some sort of joke? Explain that to me.

As I've said before, some of you democrats are such strong party animals you'd vote for the devil or Jack the Ripper as long as he was on the democratic ticket.

Franken is a gutter dweller. Bought and paid for by Hollywood. I'm sure he'll be a yes man for that socialist, racist in the White House.

Tom R. Kovach, Nevis