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Letters: City has excellent support for elderly

Thank you. Park Rapids has the most wonderful support system for elderly people. My husband, John, recently passed away after a 12-year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. In his 6th year the Animal Shelter accepted his coming to play with the cats and were willing to help him with time cards. In his 7th year, Adult Day Care was arranged for one day a week. In his 8th year, Living at Home found a great companion for John who came to our house for 3 hours one day a week, did all sorts of activities and jobs with John and gave me an extended time away from our home. Late in his 10th year, John moved into assisted living in Diamond Willow, again with the assistance of Living at Home to move the furniture.

John's companion not only visited him there, but assisted me with chores that I was unable to physically do (especially all those that involved ladders or needed strength) enabling me to stay in our house. During the last 4 months of John's life, he was under Hospice care. The caring of John and support for me was way beyond expectations and made those last days bearable. We were just one of their many cases, but we felt special and well cared for.

Park Rapids should feel proud of all these services and I hope all of you support them. Thank you.

Bella Sanders, Park Rapids