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Letters: Animal shelter auction a success

Many thanks to the community for making the 10th annual Headwaters Animal Shelter auction a success. We were blessed with an abundance of donated new and used items again this year. As always, I never cease to be amazed (and grateful) for the community's generosity to and support of the shelter. Thank you to the Jokela Auction family for their support as well.

We have already completed our annual auction and two rummage sales with all of the donations. A third sale is planned in September. All of the proceeds will help operate the shelter in the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Donating your unwanted items to the local nonprofits that do resale for fundraising is good for the community for several reasons.

Resale provides capital for the nonprofit's mission. (Donations to the animal shelter, for example, become second chances for our community's homeless animals.)

Resale allows savvy area consumers to stretch their spending dollar. (Really important in this tough economy).

Donation and resale is environmentally sound because it reduces the amount of stuff that needlessly ends up in our local landfill. (Reduce, reuse, recycle).

The shelter accepts donations of new and used items all year. Call 237-7100 for more information. Pickups are available by appointment.

Thank you again on behalf of the shelter.

Rochelle Hamp, Shelter Manager