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Letters: Akeley police have helped over years

In response to the Akeley City Council taking our officers away, have you really taken a look at the whole picture?

I live outside the city limits, but I also know that if there's a problem, big or small, the Akeley Police Department has been there.

What is the Fire Department/First Response Team going to do when they get a call? Are they going to have to wait for an officer coming 20 miles or more away, before they get to the scene to make sure "the scene is safe"?

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Hubbard County Sheriffs Department. But when we have an officer in town that is there in a matter of minutes, what do you think? It's called "the golden hour." Have you heard of it?

I am sure that there are many in our town that have been able to count on our officers, not only for law enforcement, but also a helping hand when they needed it.

There has got to be a different way for our town to save money and save our police department.

Save our security of having our officers here in our town to serve and protect our properties, and us.

If this does happen, I have only one thing to say: officers, you have done a great job and City Council, shame on you!

Kim McMahon, Akeley