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Letters: Accolades for Highway 71 work

I haven't noticed anyone mentioning this, but I am totally in awe of the quality of the new Highway 71 and the very fast work that Central Specialties did to get the road repaved and get us back to our regular pace. I think the contractor, the city and the state should all be given our heartiest thanks and approval of the job well done.

During the repaving, the contractor did their level best to keep traffic moving and there were only very few days with any inconvenience whatsoever. Now that it is finished, I love the smoothness, enjoy the eye appeal of the marvelously straight markings and wow, thanks so much for the full shoulders and turn lanes. I think the new highway enhances Park Rapids' image and quality of life. When you turn north at Wadena, the highway points straight as an arrow and glassy smooth right to the heart of our fair city. Who can't love it!

Noel Allard, Straight River Township