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Letter: Wind turbine discussion should be expanded

The discussion of where to put wind turbines in Menahga should be broadened to include all of the potential hazards. I've lived for the past three years in a community where the noise from wind turbines has disturbed the sleep and health of many people living near them.

The only sensible place to put wind turbines is far from residential areas. There are enthusiasts who claim that the noise generated by wind turbines is small compared to other common noises, but unlike cars, sirens, thunder etc. the noise from turbines is continuous. It's the continuous hum that many people find annoying and for some people it can become a serious health hazard. In addition there should be a concern about the safety of people on the ground under heavy, moving equipment. If these issues are not considered, those living in the vicinity may find the value of their property decrease far more than the savings they will gain on electric bills.

David Egloff

Park Rapids