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Letter: Why do they hate Obamacare?

If you believe there is nothing wrong with America being the only modern nation with millions of uninsured citizens, you needn’t read any further. You won’t be interested in the answer to the question.

Every day people are told that unless Obamacare is repealed, our nation will be ruined. Senator Mike Lee, Utah Republican, is leading the charge in a widely televised ad designed to scare Americans. The ad asks people to add their names to a petition to repeal the new law.

Senator Mitch McConnell jumped into the fear mongering by declaring that Obamacare is the worst piece of legislation in the past 50 years. Really? Worse than giving President Bush authorization to invade Iraq? Worse than bailing out Wall Street while letting working Americans hang out to dry?

The hysteria over the law has no limits. The Tea Party rebels in the House now threaten to shut down the government unless they get their way. Meanwhile, the internet is filled with terrible stories of how elderly Americans on Medicare will be denied treatment, their bank accounts will be raided by government agents, illegal aliens will be given free health care, and “death panels” will have power over everyone. All these claims are easily proven false by investigating sites like Snopes and Fact Check, but gullible Americans are still ready to believe the worst about Obamacare.

Why are the fear mongers so afraid of Obamacare? The answer is quite simple. They fear that Obamacare may kill their Golden Goose.

The grandest gravy train/hog trough in history, with money extracted from all Americans in our grossly overpriced health care system, is enriching hundreds of thousands of Americans and they fear it may come to an end. In the biggest story Time Magazine ever published, Steven Brill reveals how medical bills are killing us. The story, Bitter Pill, was published in the March 4, 2013 edition and it is a shocker. Compared to all advanced industrial nations, we are overpaying for health care by at least $750 billion a year. That monstrous fraud is enough to pay for our entire annual defense budget. And in that figure there are hundreds of millions to buy off Congress by flooding their election war chests. Brill reports the health-care-industrial complex lobbyists outspend the military-industrial-complex by three times!

According to Brill, our hospitals routinely charge patients 100 times the real cost of a single Tylenol tablet. A hip implant that cost an American in a Belgium hospital $4,400 was nine times more expensive here, so he flew to Brussels and saved a ton. You think football coaches are overpaid? Hospital CEOs often make millions per year, and our doctors are the highest paid in the world.

Obamacare’s many improvements include requiring insurance companies to pay 100 percent of the cost of annual wellness visits, seeing your doctor before getting sick. What infuriates the haters is that there is less profit in preventing disease than in curing it. That’s another reason they despise Obamacare.

When I discussed Brill’s article with my doctor at my annual wellness visit, he was angry. What made him mad was the unwarranted overbuilding of hospitals here. There is so much waste that when he sends a patient to a hospital for just one day, they come away with a bill of over $10,000. He told me he would never allow his practice to be gobbled up by a hospital chain, which is happening all over America.

So now you have the answer to why they hate Obamacare. While it is not the universal public-run system that would optimize quality and cost, it is a step in the right direction, and spending on health care has moderated. But it’s too big a step for all those who are gobbling up riches at the biggest rip-off game in America. They will even shut down the government in order to save their gravy train.

David Strand