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Letter: Where's the meat?

Addressing a letter to the editor in the last edition of the Park Rapids Enterprise with the above title authored by Lee Purrier of Park Rapids: There is no meat in your letter to the editor ... just baloney.

As President Ronald Reagan said repeatedly in a debate with Jimmy Carter "There he goes again!" He trots out the same old liberal mantra such as "government investment {translation=spending} creates almost every major job generating program." Perhaps on some other planet. We have never had a more anti-small business president. The author goes on to say that Conservatives want "increasing defense spending to counter many threats that no longer exist." The administration promotes the myth that Al Qaeda is on its heels. This is a fabrication and deceitful as Al Qaeda is coming back with a vengeance.

President Obama's desire to cut Defense spending further promoted by the "Where's the Meat" author flies in the face of a Middle East foreign apologetic policy doctrine that is rapidly going down in flames. We owe China trillions of dollars~ever try arguing with your credit provider? The contrived cover up of the murders of our Ambassador and our veteran Navy Seals in Benghazi and an attack as of this writing of our State Department interests in Yemen are just the latest examples of the Obama Administration's foreign policy failures. Appeasement has never worked in the past and will not work now. This is seen as a sign of national weakness and further emboldens the enemy. Believe me, those people are not there to sell Girl Scout cookies. Peace backed up by force has always worked for the United States in the past. Thousands of America's finest have fallen defending your right to vote, so mark your calendar and participate in fall house cleaning on Nov. 6, 2012. Out with this failed "hope and change" administration.

Chuck Fuller

Park Rapids