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Letter: Where's the meat?

So far the Republican Presidential and Congressional candidates have spoken in general terms on what they will do to strengthen the economy and bring well-paying jobs back to middle and lower income class. Up to now, it's been lower taxes on the wealthy, higher taxes on the middle and lower brackets, cutting benefits for the disadvantaged, sharply reducing government spending, getting rid of bothersome regulations, all the while increasing defense spending to counter many threats that no longer exist.

Ok, so where are the specifics, the meat? What tax loopholes are you going to close? Is it the mortgage deduction? This hurts the middle class most. Is it big oil subsidies? Is it exemptions for off-shore/ foreign investments? Can't make big donors unhappy. Name some please so we know what you're talking about. Maybe it's just those that benefit the middle and lower income folks.

What about a tax code that actually pays the bills and works toward reducing the deficits and national debt? Impossible unless we raise taxes, not by itty-bitty amounts but really hitting those who can pay more with increases required to bring the debt under control. It's not only the upper 2 percent but everyone with incomes above the poverty level. So what is your Plan B knowing that plan A (the Romney/Ryan plan) won't work?

What benefits are you going to cut for the disadvantaged? Food stamps? Don't you care about hungry, undernourished families? Health care? For the disadvantaged, current health care provided by emergency rooms is inadequate, very costly, and inhumane considering the unnecessary pain endured leading up to the emergency room trip.

Cutting government spending is a sure fire way of increasing unemployment. Many believe the myth that the government doesn't create jobs when, in fact, government investment creates almost every major job generating program. History proves the payback is many times more in the increased taxes paid over future generations.

Lee Purrier

Park Rapids