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Letter: What they really want

The Saturday call from a female asking for my vote against the Marriage Amendment was enlightening. During the conversation, she revealed she was a lesbian in a long-term relationship with another woman. She complained that the amendment was not "right or fair" to which I asked what was her standard for deciding right and wrong. She did not answer. After I defended her Constitutional right to a civil union, she complained that if her partner were dying, she would not be allowed in the hospital. To which I responded, if that is the case, then we need to change the privacy laws and hospital policy...not the definition of marriage.

When I talked with her about the Judeo-Christian view that God has revealed his created order for sexual relationships, she said her God would not condemn someone for having a loving relationship with the same sex. She also said she hoped to have a church marriage someday. I responded that our only way to know God is by His self revelation...and the Christian God has declared, that while He loves all His creation, her lesbian relationship is outside His moral law and created order.

As we talked, I wondered how she could possibly expect the Church to abandon its relationship and obedience to God in favor of blessing her lesbian relationship? That however, is the real reason that homosexuals desire to have their relationship labeled as marriage. Not for legal reasons ... those can be shaped to permit all civil rights accrued under a civil union. Instead, they desire to have mainstream Christianity and the American public, pronounce "good and right" what Christianity's God has not approved in his revealed scripture.

For a nation founded under the Judeo-Christian ethic banner, marriage has been and always will be a Church blessing of a man/woman relationship designed in His created order for growth and survival of the human race. So the real question we face is, do we change marriage to accommodate those who reject a theistic view of marriage?

The First Amendment to the Constitution grants all citizens (including this young woman) the right to freely speak their views on sexual morality. However it also protects Christians from governmental action to "prohibit the free exercise" of our faith...of which marriage is a sacred part. For those in this community that hold that marriage is a moral and religious blessing from God of a man/woman relationship, a YES vote is the only proper response to the Marriage Amendment.

John Clauer

Park Rapids