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Letter: What are we doing?

A couple of years ago, my wife and I went to a "Town Hall" meeting in Akeley with "Chip" Cravaack. Chip was not there but a representative was. I asked one question: "How many jobs have been created by taxing the rich at a lower level"? The representative didn't have an answer but promised to get one for me. Soon after, I received an e-mail from "Chip". His response was that he was sorry that I felt raising taxes would solve the economic problems. This appears to be an unanswerable question. The rich have benefitted from lower taxes since the George W. Bush administration and we can see what it has done for the unemployment situation.

We now watch as the Speaker of the House refuses to answer calls from or return calls to the President. This is disgusting! Like him or not, he is President and was elected by the entire nation, not elected by one state as the Speaker was. It appears that Congress is determined to see the President fail and refuses to work with him to resolve the mountain of problems facing our country. It's the citizens who suffer.

Now the state is putting an amendment on the ballot to require a government issued photo identification before being allowed to vote. Sounded like a good idea until I saw a news show last week. If this amendment is passed, the initial cost to our state (we who live here) will be fifty million dollars and require another government agency be created to administer the amendment. More on-going cost. How will the military be allowed to vote? How will it be possible to allow absentee voting? I am not sure how much voter fraud has been experienced in Minnesota, I have heard it was non-existent. This doesn't necessitate an amendment to the State Constitution.

Please keep these things in mind and please vote your choice.

James Cole