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Letter: We’ve known who Enbridge is for a while

So, on March 5 we all saw Enbridge’s half-page ad in the Enterprise regarding their claim of “safety in numbers like 23,741,” an ad that implied that folks in Hubbard County “haven’t heard of Enbridge” because the company has such a stellar record with regard to spills and links. What a bunch of hooey.

Long before Enbridge was dreaming of an end run around Keystone or planning to ship oil shale, tar sands and volatile fracking fluids through Minnesota’s lakes and wetlands, I had heard the name “Enbridge.” And always in the context of spills, ruptures and leaks. According to Enbridge’s own reports there have been 804 spills between 1999 and 2010. http://loon

Enbridge’s incompetence over the last 10 years is frightening. An average of 380,000 gallons of oil is leaked or spilled from Enbridge pipes every year. Moreover, when directed to clean up their spills, this Canadian company has not been cooperative, forthcoming, or effective. Maybe they’ve just decided that fines are cheaper than alleviating the spills? http://www.watershed

It’s time for Enbridge to quit treating folks here like we’re easily duped bumpkins who have to be reminded who they are. That’s just their wishful thinking. We know who they are. We’ve known the Enbridge name since at least 2010 when it became famous for presiding over a record spill in Michigan. A spill of at least 800,000 gallons, traveling over 30 miles. What if that spill were in the Straight River or the already compromised aquifer that provides our drinking water? Or let’s imagine that spill here, on Hay Creek, making its way into the Fish Hook chain. How far is Hay Creek from Heartland Park?

Melodee Monicken

Park Rapids