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Letter: We are all one in this country

We were heartened by the letter by Paul Utke (Republicans must accept election results and move on - Nov. 12, 2012). Paul states the election is over and we must accept the will of the electorate and move on. One of the great things about our representative government is that we as the people are able to select who those representatives are. Later, if they don't perform, they can be replaced, as it should be. Paul made that perfectly clear in his letter.

For Government to govern effectively, we have to overcome the "Us vs. Them" mentality. If political posturing continues to be the norm, progress will continue to be minimal. If someone in Congress (federal or state) has a good idea, whether it comes from a republican, democrat or independent, it should be embraced. We all want to preserve and extend the greatness of our country. Bipartisan efforts have often represented the people best.

It is our hope that our elected officials will come together in a responsible manner to tackle and solve the many problems our country faces. The country is still reeling from a deep recession that has adversely affected domestic and foreign policies alike. We are struggling to find our way out of it, but that cannot be accomplished by finger pointing. By working together, we can accomplish amazing things.