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Letter: Voting is the one power left to us

Why vote for incumbent candidates. We did not get in this financial situation overnight. During the incumbents' watch the financial institutions got too big to let go bankrupt, banks, etc. got bail out billions, financial rules were changed, which made it possible for people to buy homes who could not afford them, and now the value of our homes have decreased more than the existing mortgage so now "underwater." Yet the incumbents have millions of dollars to spend on campaigns, have the best benefits, medical care and pensions available and keep getting salary raises.

Let's get fresh people in office who will make data driven decisions on controlled spending within the available revenues. Who will stand up for the simple approach, if revenues go down, spending goes down in all departments including the Department of Transportation. We can't be everything to everybody.

One solution that is gaining support is to limit all elected government officials to two terms. How can this be done? Wishful thinking is maybe a bill can be passed to do this...Really, you think that would ever actually happen?

The fact is, together we have the power to make this happen on Nov. 2 by voting new people into office wherever the incumbent has served two or more terms. It is not critical if the new candidate is Independent, Republican or Democrat. We need the candidate who will make their own decisions based on the people's needs, not on IOUs and how best to get re-elected term after term with little if any accountability.

You know, there are incumbents who have been in office through three administrations; Obama, Bush and Clinton and they still are spending more money than is in the budget and always blaming the other guy. Let's replace them now!

Together we can make this happen Nov. 2.

Vote your mind, not who some party designates!

Don Buerkley

Park Rapids