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Letter: Vote for Sweeney in 9th District

Diana Sweeney is a candidate (the challenger) running for Judge in the 9th Judicial District and this is one of those times that you do not want to cast your vote for the "incumbent." Diana has over 20 years experience working as an attorney, the past 16 of which as a public defender. Though you may not find yourself in the Beltrami County courtroom, those who do deserve a person behind the bench with the common sense and experience to be a level-headed and thoughtful jurist. This would be Ms. Sweeney, and one should do their "due diligence" on performance history before blindly voting "incumbent".

I have lived in the Bemidji area for over 35 years, involved in the business, public, and non-profit sectors. I have known Diana "Dee" Sweeney since our children were in elementary school and scouts together.

She has been an active community volunteer and someone who is highly respected in the community for her wise legal mind, trustworthiness, and being a hard worker. She will be a thoughtful jurist from day one.

You have a choice in this election, and you would be wise to vote for Diana Sweeney for Judge in the 9th Judicial District.

Carolyn Jacobs