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Letter: Vote for Sheriff Homer in November

During these tough economic times, Hubbard County cannot afford to lose the expertise and maturity of an experienced sheriff who knows how to supervise people, find grant money, and manage budgets.

Sheriff Frank Homer demonstrated outstanding managerial skills in handling his job during the first half of this year by keeping five percent under budget.

While attending the Hubbard County Minnesota Assn. of Townships meeting recently, hosted by Todd Township, I learned the details of Homer's superior direction.

To begin, for the first time ever, the County has 24 hour protection for 4 to 5 days weekly.

Additionally, the north end of the County is covered by the Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force, while the south end is being shielded by the West Central Drug Task Force - all at zero wage cost to Hubbard County.

Moreover, monies from drug forfeitures funded the purchase of a 2006 Chevy Impala with 60,000 miles to be used by the Investigator, while his former Ford Crown Vic with 35,000 miles, will move to the Deputy/Emergency Manager position, and his former auto, a 130,000 mile Ford, will become a part-time back-up car. Nothing came from the County budget.

Because rivets were popping out, an Alumacraft boat with ShoreLand'r trailer (Lowrance & GPS) is replacing one that started leaking last year. A 2004 ATV was replaced by a 2010 Polaris Sportsman for trail patrol. These items were funded by grants, which also covered ATV youth training. And a new State grant is going to be used to buy another boat along with funding another Water Deputy's salary.

On top of all that, the Corrections Facility is doing wonderfully, coming in at 10 percent under budget.

Hubbard County needs Sheriff Frank Homer's superior skills right now. He's an exceptional supervisor and manager who brings years of experience to this challenging position. Keep Frank Homer Sheriff of Hubbard County. Vote for Frank Homer in November.

Ed Dvorak