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Letter: A vote for Nolan is 'a vote for jobs'

Rick Nolan will be accountable to us here, not to millionaires elsewhere who do not know us. He will represent us and our values in Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District. He has not signed a no-new-revenue oath to private citizen Grover Norquist that would have tied his hands before taking office.

Nolan's opponent Cravaack voted against common sense to redefine rape. Cravaack voted for Paul Ryan's budget that would slash Medicaid, cut Pell Grants for students, and substitute vouchers for Medicare. He says that Tea Party values are his values. What Cravaack supports, then, is not a free market. It's the 1 percent market that works for the top 1 percent, and enables 6 members of the family that owns Walmart to own more wealth than the bottom 30 percent of all Americans. Forget Cravaack.

A vote for Nolan is a vote for jobs, a vote for the land of opportunity, not opportunism. This former owner of a sawmill knows how to meet payroll and succeed in small business. This former three-term Congressman knows how to get things done in government. Nolan is focused on solving problems and seizing opportunities.

A country that has ranked 27th in social justice (among 31 in OECD) needs more people like Rick Nolan in the House to turn that around. He is committed to: restoring jobs and investing in America's infrastructure, keeping Social Security and Medicare safe from privatization and unpredictable stock markets, and amending the U.S. Constitution to end "Citizens United" and corporate personhood.

With President Obama, Rick Nolan would strengthen Medicare, using the $716B+ that is being saved for Medicare by cutting its ineffective subsidies to providers and insurance companies.

For Nolan "we're all in this together." "You're on your own" is not the motto for us.

John G. Gibbs

Park Rapids