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Letter: Vote no on the marriage amendment

To those who are "Concerned for Children" please accept this personal example:

My former son-in-law 'came out' 17 years ago. Prior to his 'coming out' he blessed me with two precious granddaughters. During the last 17 years he has continued to be a superb, loving parent to his daughters. One of my granddaughters went on to college, has now married and made me a great-grandparent. The other is full of exuberance and excitement in this new endeavor called college. I am not concerned for them, I am thankful that they continued to have a father who cared deeply for them.

The underlying issue is weather or not it is morally wrong to be homosexual and ... is homosexuality a choice? I personally struggled with that issue until I was asked this question by a retired pastor many years ago.

When did you decide to be straight?

Well, the fact is ... I didn't decide ... I just am.

Therefore is not the same true for the gay and lesbian?

How do we condemn someone for being who they are?

Please vote no on the Marriage Amendment.

Tom Synstegard