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Letter: Vote no on the Marriage Amendment

I feel the need to speak out against the Marriage Amendment even more after reading how the Catholic Archbishop of Minnesota has issued orders to his clergy that no "open dissension" would be allowed. The Archbishop claims that he is not anti-gay. That is very hard for me to believe considering that the Amendment could limit the rights of gay couples to gain rights that heterosexual couples have in terms of tax benefits, Social Security benefits, estate benefits, etc. Maybe the Archbishop does not recognize that the State Constitution is a framework for laws and not the law itself.

What happened to separation of church and state? The Catholic Church is spending money to pass this amendment that money could be used to help people, not deny them their rights. If the Catholic Church wants to spend money on politics I would think it should lose its tax exempt status.

Amendments should protect our rights. Christians are taught to believe that all people are created in the image of God and that should include all people, even homosexuals. This country fought for civil rights for all. No one should have to deal with prejudice from any source.

I have left the Catholic church, as have others, because of the church's position. I urge you to vote no to protect the rights of all, no matter what faith you practice.

Linda Schissel

Park Rapids