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Letter: Vote no again on Menahga school

Here we go again!

In just nine weeks Menahga ISD 821 will be voting on another school building project. All of you who wisely voted it down twice in the last seven months don't count. We don't matter to the administration. They are just looking to get the 40 more votes needed to pass it. They don't want to address our concerns. We're just negative people standing in the way of progress. We don't know any better. Well, I disagree.

Recently the school board decided to form a citizen's advisory committee to get input on whether or not to proceed with another project so soon. Each board member was to choose one community member to be on the committee. It was also decided that the committee needed to be balanced with "no voters" to be fair. I asked who chose the other members and how did we end up with 11 when there are only six board members.

I was told it was none of my business. I beg to differ. Someone changed the rules set forth by the school board and we ended up with a committee that voted 12-1 at the first meeting instead of a balanced representation of district voters as directed by the board. Somebody stacked the deck.

This needs to be made public and investigated. I think it is a small part of a much bigger problem. It's obvious this committee was just for show.

It appears the school's own policy on open enrollment has been blatantly violated. It's on the school website. What is the punishment for violations of the school policies? How many students have been adversely affected by violating a policy? Shouldn't administration and staff be treated the same?

Much has been said about the 200+ students that want to enroll in Menahga. I'd be more interested in why 100+ want to leave.

They are again telling us this no/low interest is too good to pass up. Then they change the length of the loan to make it sound like we would save even more. That's deceptive.

During the last referendum the claimed savings ranged from $1 million to nearly $4 million. How can there be that much difference?

How many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are there for stimulus money?

On Aug. 10, vote no.

Jon Kangas