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Letter: Vote for Matt Dotta as commissioner

As a former corporate executive with many years of leadership and general management experience, I've come to appreciate the challenges faced by our county commissioners as well as the capabilities needed for success as a commissioner.

I believe that Matt Dotta has the education, related experience and vision to strongly serve our county as District Two Commissioner.

Like many of you, my initial contact with Matt was at the County Assessor's office where he helped me to understand a property-related issue. He later helped me with a special project to understand the contribution of water and nonwater influenced properties to county tax revenue. Each meeting we've had over the past few months has increased my confidence in Matt's ability to serve us in this critical leadership role.

Matt is energetic and hardworking. He has strong finance, marketing and analytical skills through his formal education in Business Administration and Finance.

He has held various leadership and management positions where his many accomplishments related to planning, financial stability and business growth.

Matt was part of a management team that took the 11th largest Consumer Credit Counseling Service in the U.S. to the 5th largest in three years. He has worked as part of the management team of several conference centers where plans were successfully implemented for significant growth.

While working as a member of a city council, Matt had a role in working with the county to reduce landfill expenses by 30 percent.

Matt's recent experience with the County Assessor's office has given him a clear understanding of county real estate and its connection to county tax revenue that supports our county functions.

Our county commissioners have administrative duties as well as financial and legislative responsibilities. Matt is well qualified. Let's make him our newest commissioner!

Bob Berdahl

Park Rapids