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Letter: Vote for Erickson for District 2A

We will soon be voting for a representative in the state legislature to represent us in District 2A. It is important that we elect someone who really cares about folks in rural Minnesota and someone who really understands what we deal with in our district.

One issue that has been affecting rural Minnesota in recent years is the state budget cuts to local government aid. This aid would usually assist our small towns and counties in funding services such as police departments for example. When the state votes to cut that aid, then small towns have to sacrifice at the local level, which means citizens have to give up the feeling of safety and security. If you have read local papers recently, some towns as small as the towns in our district have had to cut police services altogether.

Roger Erickson understands the importance of keeping local county and municipal services in place. He understands that we value our way of life in rural Minnesota and he will speak for us if elected to represent District 2A.

Amy Ballard